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cadogan03Born and reared in West Cork, I have lived in this beautiful part of Ireland all my life. Along the way, I have established and run a successful motor works business dealing with a wide range of clients in this part of the county.

Always interested in painting, I first took it up seriously in 2005. Mainly self-taught with some formal training, I have been selling paintings in County Cork and beyond since 2006. I mainly work in acrylics on canvas or paper and base much of my work on the landscape of West Cork, its changing moods and subtly varying light.

Within the modern building that fronts the motor works, I have created my own gallery to display my work. Browsers are always welcome; please contact us before you come if you want to be sure of speaking to me.

Paintings and prints can be bought at the Motor Works Gallery, which is located between Skibbereen and Baltimore, and you can also see a selection of my work on the Gallery Pages of this web site. If you see something you’d like to own we have provided an online order form for you to use.

Kevin Cadogan